Car Upholstery

For most, the aroma of a new car and its upholstery is a wonderful experience. To be clear, there are various types of car upholstery, types that please most car buyers. Many who buy used cars look to 'do up' the car and one of key factors is new upholstery and decor. Some also look to buy wheels on finance so they have a better driving expirence. Many looking to sell their cars to used car buyers or other wise look for upholstery repair as it can make the inside of a car look like new thus increasing the value.

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Nylon Fabric

For example, there is a nylon fabric. Nylon is hard-wearing, durable fabric that comes in a variety of colors. Nylon upholstery comes in patterned or plain designs and you can select a type that suits the interior of your car the best. Nylon is harder to tear than other fabrics and that is because it is weaved. In addition, it is stain resistant but only if you clean up the spills before the dry. Some may not know it but nylon can be found in many cars because it is so popular. Also, it is more affordable than other kind of car upholstery.

Faux Vinyl and PCV

Faux vinyl has the characteristics of leather or suede and it is hard wearing and also has the shine and look of soft leather. Faux vinyl is a mock vinyl, which gives a good imitation of the real thing but at a much lower cost. PCV, also known as soft plastic, is a kind of vinyl material that is easy to form. This material stretches well and is used in less expensive cars and vans. It can be made in black and white or colored and is known for its stickiness, especially when sitting on it during the summer. Heat makes this material sweat.

Vinyl and Faux Leather

Vinyl is commonly used when making upholstery for cars. It is durable, clean and hard wearing. It can be pliable and soft or hard and firm. However, it can make a person's skin sweat during hot summer months. Faux leather is quite versatile and can be made to look like many kinds of materials. It is like leather, in that it is easy to clean. It does not stain easily, can be wiped clean and is quite durable.

Leather, Suede and Brushed Nylon

Leather is another example of upholstery for the interior of a car. Many choose this fabric for their car. It has a luxurious look, can be colored or patterned, is durable and can be soft or firm, depending on what you want. Some like suede for the inside of their car. Suede is soft and some say it feels like brushed cotton. This fabric for cars is not used often because it stains easily and is not durable. Many like brushed nylon because it is warm, durable and hard to tear.

How to Clean your Car's Upholstery

There are some tips that will help keep your car's upholstery looking great such as taking care of spilled drinks immediately. Of course, this is not always easy to do but the sooner you clean up the spills such as coffee, the less likely you will have a stain. Some may not know it up tough stains can be broken up with a glass cleaner. However, before using glass cleaner, test an area that can't be seen to make sure that it won't stain the fabric.

One effective way to keep your car's interior clean is to clean it with a car fabric cleaner or use hot water, some vinegar and dish soap and brush it into the fabric by using a hard bristle brush. Then, let it sit for about a half hour and then rinse with water, blotting it dry with some cloth. For leather, apply with a cloth some water and mild soap and then dry.

To conclude, there are many types of upholstery for your car. Look over what is available and then choose one that will best fit your car!